Making a visit to the dentist fun and establishing good habits for life

Children are very welcome at Stellar Smiles, we are a family practice and we enjoy treating the entire family. We pride ourselves in developing life long relationships with our patients, starting from infancy.

We recommend you bring your child with your from an early age, preferably when their first tooth starts to appear. This can be done when attending your regular appointments. This way your child becomes accustomed to coming to the dentist and becomes familiar with the surrounding environment. When they are old enough they will have a ride in the chair, have their teeth counted and eventually have a comprehensive oral examination and their teeth cleaned. The age with which your child will be comfortable doing this is very individual.

Our dental hygienists are experts in teaching your child how to look after his/her teeth and will help to establish good habits for life. We want children to have a good dental start and those early years are so important in a childs dental development.

Our practice adopts a preventative philosophy regarding childrens teeth. We follow the World Health Organisations (WHO) recommendations on preventative Fissure Sealants (pain free protective coatings over teeth) at the appropriate ‘milestone’ ages to ensure childrens teeth have the best chance of not getting dental cavities later on.

We strongly believe that prevention is much better than cure and the best thing we can do for our children is teach them how to prevent problems before they occur. We use all the knowledge and advances in preventative dentistry to ensure that todays children grow up with strong, healthy, beautiful teeth.