Crowns and bridges strengthen and restore natural teeth giving you increased confidence and more reason to smile.

A dental crown is a tooth shaped cover which fits over the existing structure of your natural tooth to protect and restore the tooths function. A crown supports teeth that have been weakened by decay or large fillings, cracks, trauma, root canal treated teeth and worn teeth. Crowns become the new surfaces of your tooth and protect the tooth underneath whilst looking natural.

Crowns can improve the shape, alignment and aesthetics of teeth creating beautiful smiles.
A porcelain bridge looks like your normal teeth and is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are supported by the teeth either side of the space, effectively linking them together. They are strong and durable and match the colour and shape of your natural teeth. Replacing missing teeth with a bridge 7 prevents the remaining natural teeth from shifting so that the dental health and facial aesthetics are not compromised.

It is not unusual to see crowns and bridges that have been in place for 20- 30years.

Today with advancements in technology we can offer natural looking crowns and bridges that look like real teeth. At Stellar Smiles, we are able to offer patients our very own CEREC treatment at our ceramic studio within our dental practice. This means that we can make and fit your crown or bridge straight away on the same day. We are able to control how the restorative treatment looks, its shape and how it fits.