Dentures are a removable appliance that fit over your gums to replace any missing teeth. They are also referred to as ‘false’ teeth.

At Stellar Smiles, we provide all types of dentures including Full Dentures, Partial acrylic or cobalt chrome Dentures.  We also provide relining of your existing dentures to make them fit better if they are in good condition.

We know the importance of having a healthy and well functioning set of teeth so you can enjoy life to it’s fullest potential.  Dentures which are ill fitted can cause a number of problems including gum irritation, diet restrictions and potentially cause low self-esteem if they become loose while you eat or speak. Come in and let our experienced and caring Dentists make your dream smile a reality.



In some instances where there is too much bone loss, dentures become loose and are unable to stay in place without the use of denture adhesive. If you are experiencing this, we can help! By placing small titanium implants into your jaw bone and opposing connections within your denture, this allows a stronger and more reliable connection between your gums and denture. Say goodbye to dentures falling out while you talk or eat!



When you know you need to have teeth pulled out to have dentures made, but don’t want to go around without teeth while waiting for your dentures to be made, why not choose to have Immediate Dentures? These dentures are pre-made over 2 appointments while you still have some of your existing teeth. On the day your dentures are ready, you will have the necessary tooth/teeth removed and your pre-made dentures are fitted immediately. Hence the term Immediate Dentures. However, shrinkage of your bone following teeth removal will make your pre-made dentures may become loose over time and you may need it relined within a few months to help improve the fit. Why not speak to our experienced Dentists to see if this option is for you!